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Cheese Therapy Hamper

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A selection of Italian and French cheese includes Adelaide Hills Brie(150g), Milawa Camembert (150g), Maffra Cheddar (150g) and Bleu d’Auvergne (150g). Complimented with Falswasser crispbread, pana croquante, cornichon, muscatel, dried fruit, quince and pickled fig, this is the perfect hamper for your weekend picnic or simply to build your own platter for pairing with your favourite selection of wines.

**Available for orders and delivery/collection same day. While stocks last. Image for illustration purposes, this product does not include wine. 
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Food & Wine Pairing A great food and wine pairing creates a balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of a wine. Wine Education
Bleu d'Auvergne
The Bleu d'Auvergne is richly marbled with blue mould, with a relatively mild spicy blue flavour and buttery texture. The Blue d'Auvergne from Livradois is an AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protegee) blue cheese from Mornac in South Western France. 

Origin | Auvergne France 
Milk | Cow

Maffra Cheddar 15- 24 mth
The multiple award winning Maffra Aged Cloth Cheddar exhibits the classic Cheddar flavour profile- sweet,rich, up front notes with complex after tones. The texture is moist and slightly crumbly. each cheese is ripened under cloth to allow a thin rind to form.
Origin/Maffra VIC

Monte Rosso - Taleggio
Section 28 Monte Rosso is inspired by the legendary Italian Taleggio and handcrafted in the Adelaide Hills.
It is a semi-soft cheese with a sweet, buttery paste that has hints of fruit and a lingering lactic finish. The velvety paste is balanced by a thin aromatic, orange rind.
Cook with it or enjoy on a cheese board.

Origin | Adelaide Hills, SA
Milk | Cow

Adelaide Hills Brie
Mildly lactic and delicately flavoured particularly when young. The added cream rounds out the mouthfeel and flavour.

Origin/ Adelaide Hills SA