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Week 1 June - Domaine Simha Special - 6 pack

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Domaine Simha was founded at the edge of the world by Nav Singh and Louise Radman. An avant-garde approach shapes living wine relying on ancient knowledge and intuition. 
Crafted by hand in micro batches, just 2-3 barrels of each Domaine Simha wine are made. At heart lies Tasmania’s pristine natural environment, sparkling air and ancient soil. Hunting out magical vineyards in the upper Derwent, Coal River and Huon Valleys, Domaine Simha partners with expert growers. The dream is to plant our own patch of earth someday. Nav Singh mastered the craft of wine in Australia and honed his skills in the prestigious chateaux of Burgundy and Bordeaux.
The house of Simha originates from Sanskrit for lion. To honour an heroic heritage, Domaine Simha wines take their titles from royalty and legends of the East.

1x Domaine Simha Simla Field Blend Chardonnay Riesling 2020
1x Domaine Simha Rao Chardonnay  2020
1x Domaine Simha  Rani Riesling  2020
1x Domaine Simha Simla Blend Pinot Gamay 2020
1x Domaine Simha Nature Pinot Noir  2020
1x Domaine Simha Rama Pinot Noir 2020