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Yerinberg Special - 6 Pack

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“Yarra Valley pioneers, the de Pury family are renowned for wines of finesse and elegance that epitomise the finest the region can produce. Produced from some of the oldest vines in the valley, these are long-lived wines made in tiny quantities. Yeringberg makes wines from the low-yielding vines re-established on the heart of what was one of the most famous vineyards of the nineteenth century. In the riper years, the red wines have a velvety generosity of flavour which is rarely encountered, yet never lose varietal character, while the Yeringberg White takes students of history back to Yeringberg's fame in the nineteenth century.”

1x 2018 Yeringberg Viognier
1x 2018 Yeringberg Marsanne Roussanne
1x 2018 Yeringberg Chardonnay
1x 2018 Yeringberg Pinot Noir
1x 2018 Yeringberg Shiraz
1x 2018 Yeringberg Cabernets